September 19, 2017

Convert your existing website into a Mobile App for both Android & IOS. The developed apps will look exactly like your Website and If you make any changes to the Website then both apps will be updated automatically. We guarantee 100% that your app will be approved by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once the apps

June 27, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Jose, CA – Excel-O-Data announced today that it has released its much-anticipated cloud infrastructure automatic workflow migration tool called Cloudkode effective June 15, 2017. Cloudkode facilitates project and workflow migration between different build tools with Urbancode Anthillpro and Jenkins being some of the most popular in the market. There is a huge demand

June 19, 2017

DevOps is a culture. Adapting to a new culture can sometimes be challenging. Organizations desiring to adapt to DevOps are facing a lot of different challenges such as: Which cloud infrastructure should they use? Lack of talent and/or resources Huge learning curve to understand DevOps culture Which continuous integration & continuous delivery tool should they