Famacash Chooses Cloudkode

Famacash Chooses Cloudkode to Speed Up Workflow Migrations to Jenkins.
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Anthillpro Dilemma
There are between 400 to 600 companies that are using Urbancode Anthillpro. Anthillpro support will not be available much longer and companies are faced with a dilemma of where to go. A lot of continuous integration and continuous delivery build tools exist in the market. Most organizations are choosing Jenkins as it has become the most popular with a lot of plugin contributions. Famacash faced this very problem and needed to migrate to Jenkins from Anthillpro.

Challenge of Manual Processing
The challenge faced by Famacash DevOps team was that it was going to take a long time to migrate existing workflows and projects to Jenkins. They needed a tool to automate and expedite the work.
“Cloudkode was able to migrate our workflows to Jenkins in less than 2 hours. It would have taken us months to do it on our own” Says Famacash COO.

Workflow Migrations
Cloudkode migrated 40 projects for Famacash that consisted of both Java and .Net applications.
     Java Migration Projects: Cloudkode migrated 18 Java projects from Anthillpro to Jenkins with build and deploy workflows.
Migrations Build Type: Ant, Maven, and Shell.
     .Net Migration Projects: Cloudkode migrated 22 .Net projects from Anthillpro to Jenkins with build and deploy workflow.
Migration Build Type: MSBuild and Shell.

Famacash focused on product development instead of worrying about migrating workflows to Jenkins! Thanks to Cloudkode!