Cloudkode: 1 Click Migration Tool

Cloudkode - Automatic Migration Tool

Cloudkode is a one (1) click migration tool that allows you to migrate Project/Workflows from Urbancode Anthillpro to Jenkins. Cloudkode is a tool built by our engineers to help facilitate Project/Workflow migration from Urbancode Anthillpro to Jenkins with one (1) click. It’s an AUTOMATIC migration tool that saves thousands of hours of migrations from Urbancode Anthillpro to Jenkins.

Cloudkode Features:

Cloudkode saves you thousands of hours of migrations.
Automatically migrate old build workflow from Urbancode Anthillpro to Jenkins.
With Cloudkode, you can do single project and batch migrations.

Lift & Shift / Custom
Cloudkode can be lift & shift and custom. As you desire, the tool is very versatile.
Cloudkode can be fully customized to fit any infrastructure & DevOps culture. Customize it to your liking!!!

Thousands of Projects
With Cloudkode, you can automatically create thousands of projects in Jenkins within minutes.
Cut down on migration time by more than 90% with cloudkode.

Migrate Projects from Anthillpro to Jenkins

Spending thousands of hours migrating from Urbancode Anthillpro to Jenkins?

Migrate Builds & Workflows faster to Jenkins with Cloudkode. It only makes sense as cloudkode can be customized to fit any infrastructure, corporate governance, and DevOps culture.

How It Works:

1) Here is the workflow in Urbancode Anthillpro that we will migrate over to Jenkins.

2) In Cloudkode, we select the Urbancode Anthillpro project ID and Workflow ID that we want to migrate and click Submit. We can do a single project & workflow migration or a batch of projects & workflows. In this example we’ll do a single migration.

3) Now, you can see that the job is generated in Jenkins in a matter of seconds.

4) For batch project & workflow migrations. Browse for the folder that contains list of projects & workflows. Hit Submit and you are done. You can migrate hundreds of projects at a time.