Anthillpro Features Supported by Cloudkode

Anthillpro Features Supported:

Cloudkode has improved tremendously over the past few weeks. Below we have identified the Anthillpro features supported by Cloudkode with more on the pipeline. We are building Cloudkode to be a strong engine that will facilitate all sorts of migrations with any Anthillpro environment to Jenkins. We are proud of how far we have come with Cloudkode. We kept our promise of ensuring that Cloudkode becomes versatile to fit any organization environment since all organizations have different DevOps model and environments. There are a lot more features we are implementing in the near future. The focus is to ensure that we can support any organization when they are ready to migrate from Anthillpro to Jenkins.

Projects: Java, .Net, C++

Source Code Repository: SVN, TFS, Harvest, Git

Build: Ant, Maven, Nant, MSBuild, Devenv, Make, Shell, Groovy

Artifact Resolve: Nexus, Artifactory, Private Maven repository in S3, etc…

Job Publisher Report: Fortify, Checkstyle, etc…

Properties: Project Properties, Workflow Properties, Environment Properties, Job Iteration Properties

Templates and Pipelines: Jenkins Pipeline, Jenkins Pipeline Template, Jenkins Custom Template

Scripting: BeanShell, Library Jobs, Multiple Iteration of Same Job,

Versioning: SVN tag, Branch, Trunk, Multiple Branch Module, TFS Multi-Module

With so much features being supported to facilitate migrations from Anthillpro to Jenkins, no wonder Cloudkode has been selected by so many organizations to help them move from Anthillpro to Jenkins. Indeed Cloudkode saves organizations a lot of time, effort, and money; the tool migrates the most complex of workflows from anthillpro to Jenkins instantly. With a beautifully easy to use interface, migrations can be completed easily without writing any code. No technical expertise is required to use  Cloudkode.

Wait no longer, contact us now by setting up a FREE DEMO or Request a Free Quote or you can call 408-429-2848 to get started. So many organizations saw the benefit of the product immediately.